Tuesday, December 11, 2012

love, hate...

Animation can make us think about different topics, topics that are important for everyone.
You have to only watch closely to see symbols, metaphors and interprete them correctly.

Animation which can quickly move.
 Watch "Pull"

Watch carefully to see how the authors decided to tell the story of the contemporary world, the events that have taken place and still have ... The animation is great and full of symbolism.
Watch "I, pet, goat II"


How simple shapes, music and colors can build an horror atmosphere. It is possible to tell a nightmares story with using animation. We do not need expensive special effects to receive a great film which can frighten us.

Once more puppet animation can be frightening...
Watch "The Plague Bearers"

Old fairy tail with new plot...
Watch "Red"

Terrifying horror film that forces us to think...
Watch "The Backwater Gospel"

Once more time: old fairy tail with new ending...
Watch "Little Red"

The two animations that are not horror, but rather a thriller...
Watch "The Cat Piano"
Watch "Crow Moon"

Animation do not have to be colorful and pleasant. Animation can say every kind of story from comedy, drama to horror. They can suprised us with the end of film, with an idea for story or with an idea for realization.
Horror animation is only for people who can stand this genre and they are scary as same like (good) live action movies.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Video clips

On internet, on TV there are lots of different video clips but I will focus on this clips with animation which really impressed me.

Well I don't have favourite technique in music videos but it is amazing for me when people use pixilation for create a film. You can make abstract situation for characters. Imagination don't know barriers.

Watch "Her morning elegance" Oren Lavie

Watch "Easy way out"

Watch "Krzyżówka dnia" Monika Brodka

Puppets are also used in video clips and they can tell really moved or horror stories.

Watch "Let it go"

Watch "Sober" Tool

But the most amazing thing for me is when music is synchornized with animation. I love watchin video clips where movments follows the rythm.

Watch "Up in the sky" 77 Bombay Streets

Watch "Fell in Love with a Girl" The White Stripes

Watch "Heartless" Kanye West

Watch "Hearts like heaven" Coldplay

Watch "Le Cafe" Oldelaf

Watch "Apache"

And at the end video which is a beautiful memory and a nod to the history of animation, Fleischers studio. A combination of contemporary times and the past.

Watch "Dawned On Me" Wilco & Popeye

All in all every technique of animation were used. The only problem is our lack of imagination because with those techniques we can create really excellent and beautiful videos.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Something (not only) for kids

When I reminds myself how animation looked like in my childhood, every film was very accurate. For feature films animation was great, very fluent but for TV, animation was not precise.
In my opinion right now animated series for kids are impoverished in style, details, they are simple but I discovered nice film with perfect animation. Everything in this movie is matched: animation, plot, character design. I was really pleased.
This film is for kids but I think everyone can or rather should watch this animation. During 30 minutes you can't be bored, you will enjoy this movie with Gruffalo's child.

Watch "The Gruffalo's Child" trailer

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

BAF part2

Being at the festival I had the opportunity to see a variety of animation, not only did I get to see the use of traditional/contemporary techniques, but also the way animators used these techniques to tell a story.
3 movies impressed me:

Each of these films portray the following: an immigration, a love and a conflict. All films with laughter and wit decided to present a serious and important matter. The audience were laughing during films, but later comes reflection on what these films really tell. I think in some way they can be for adults or for younger viewers.
    Animation has shown once again that it can be used to add great impact and depth to serious topics.

    Tuesday, December 4, 2012

    BAF 2012 part1

    On 13th-19th November there was an animation festival in Bradford.
    During these four days I attended the festival. This became a very inspiring experience for me. From morning to evening, you could see all kinds of animation from around the world, listen to lectures and take part in workshops. It was impossible to get bored.
    I was impressed by the interview with Robert Morgan. After seeing his animated puppet films notions of paranoia and elements of horror are heavily evident. I found myself watching the video feeling  disgusted and at the same time fascinated, and I have to admit that if someone wants to do an animated horror film he or she should use puppets. I find myself, the juxtaposition between the life like nature of puppets and the innocence they contain is what evokes these disturbing emotions . Thus, being perfect for use in horror animations.
    My Favorite Film:

    The beginning...

    This blog will be dedicated to animation because it is my passion and life. I want to improve and develop my skills to create the best 3D animation I can. I will post my own designs and other contemporary films that have inspired me or just seem to me interesting and worth watching.
    Even if 3D technology is developing, traditional 2D animation and puppet animation  is still abundant in production and is a form that is timeless. Therefore. we could say that traditional technologies do not die, however we can now see blending of modern and traditional forms of animation.
    I think we can divide animation in sections of:

    • stop motion (puppet animation, cut outs), e.g. "ParaNorman" LAIKA,
    • 3D (CGI animation and motion capture), e.g. "Brave" PIXAR, "The Polar Express" WB,
    • live action and 3D, e.g. "Arthur and the Invisibles" Europa.
    Animation, regardless of the technology is used in various fields:
    • short movie,  e.g. "Invetion of love" Andrey Shushkov,
    • feature movie, e.g. "Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted" DreamWorks,
    • advertisement, e.g. "Heardy Heads for the Hills" David Browne Watch
    • videoclips, e.g. 77 Bombay Street "Up in the sky" Antoine Robert and Arnaud Javier